Navigli, Milano


I can’t believe I used to live a 5 minute walk away from this place. No matter how low-key and underwhelming Navigli might be to tourists, I was always enamored by the graffiti, sunsets, aperitivo nights, my favorite crepe place in Milan. I miss it all so much, and of course I especially miss walking around blasting my headphones– dancing and singing loudly to myself (things you can only do in a foreign place where you won’t get recognized haha).

























Random Things I Miss About Milan

It’s the flip side of traveling and living in different places: I’m always constantly leaving a part of myself in another place, whether it’s the food, the vibes, the lifestyle, my friends. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel at peace in just one city, but I’m grateful for every last bit of it–the wonder, the surprise, the restlessness, the joy, the heartache, the permanent nomadic feeling…

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – A. A. Milne

Random Things I Miss About Milan2

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Lago Maggiore


 October 14, 2011

Angela, Eric, Keen, Tom and I went on a trip to yet another lake (Milan really made me miss natural sources of water, especially being a beachy Californian). The lake itself wasn’t particularly interesting–of course it was beautiful and calming–but  we didn’t see any boats or hiking trails, or even that many people. But the trip was more proof that the location doesn’t matter as much if you go with fun people.

We were so bored that we had a long debate about swimming out to the floating islands. We all agreed we could make it out there (obviously), but Eric finally won the argument, saying it was too cold to actually swim.

Tom & Keen are around the same heights, and I didn’t know what they looked like until we all took pictures together.


Venezia / Venice


October 7, 2011

There’s really no place like Venice. I love how the color of the water changes constantly, adding various moods to the city, and almost as colorful as the buildings. I love all the bridges, from elaborate to simple to big to small. I love that no matter how much I had hyped this place up in my head, it had met and exceeded all my expectations.

I could’ve spent the entire perfectly sunny day getting lost in the maze of canals, eating seafood, and having a marvelous time, but I decided that it would make more sense to hijack a gondola as a fun alternative to shelling out 80 euros for an official ride. My fashionable friend Keen and I spent the entire day trip preoccupied with the idea, while my roommate Angela cheerfully tried to convince us that Baci chocolates were the best the world. (They’re alright. A little over-hyped by Angela maybe.)

Hopefully I can come with  parents/a boy/besties in the future and get the proper romantic experience.

“In other news, Joyce has been banned from all chondolas.” (Keen)

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Firenze / Florence


September 29, 2011

“We’re here to soul search.”

There was so much beauty and history everywhere, it was impossible to not be inspired.

Aileen and I both talked about how we were still figuring out what kind of lives we wanted. We ate pizza and gelato. We lost sunglasses at Museo Uffizi. We discussed friendships, boys, and growing up. We got lost in the crooked little streets.  We performed/danced to get an extra discount from mr. cool guy at the leather market.

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