Brussels, Belgium


October 29, 2011

Wheeeeeee what a fun three days of a diet consisting solely of chocolate, waffles, mussels, frites, and beer. Two nights of sleeping on #swanky furniture. One day of heavy Brussels exploring. Note: the Manneken Pis might be the most underwhelming landmark ever, but you definitely have got to see it because you can’t go to Brussels and say that you did NOT see it.

A Brussels native also enthusiastically suggested that we visit the Atomium, supposedly “a Brussels treasure, nothing else is like it”. After a bit of googling and finding out that it’s 30 minutes from the city center, we wisely decided against it.

I think Brussels was the only place I’ve been to where someone came up to us studying a map and offered help.

Random, Nice Stranger: Do you need help finding something?

Me: Nope, you just go over there and it’ll show up right?

Random, Now Slightly Put-off, Nice Stranger: Oh. Okay. (shuffles away quickly)

Eric & Aileen: What’s wrong with you? He was just trying to help.

Oops. Open letter to Random, Nice Stranger: If you tried to help three Asian American college kids in Brussels next to the Saint Catherine‘s church, but immediately got shot down, I am sorry for the unintended rudeness because I really did appreciate your kindness and your reaching out to help us. You’re a rare breed of helpful humans out there.














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