Venezia / Venice


October 7, 2011

There’s really no place like Venice. I love how the color of the water changes constantly, adding various moods to the city, and almost as colorful as the buildings. I love all the bridges, from elaborate to simple to big to small. I love that no matter how much I had hyped this place up in my head, it had met and exceeded all my expectations.

I could’ve spent the entire perfectly sunny day getting lost in the maze of canals, eating seafood, and having a marvelous time, but I decided that it would make more sense to hijack a gondola as a fun alternative to shelling out 80 euros for an official ride. My fashionable friend Keen and I spent the entire day trip preoccupied with the idea, while my roommate Angela cheerfully tried to convince us that Baci chocolates were the best the world. (They’re alright. A little over-hyped by Angela maybe.)

Hopefully I can come with  parents/a boy/besties in the future and get the proper romantic experience.

“In other news, Joyce has been banned from all chondolas.” (Keen)

IMG_1033 IMG_0969 IMG_0999 IMG_0883 IMG_1212 IMG_0957 IMG_1054 IMG_1172 IMG_1059 IMG_1008 IMG_0892 IMG_1149 IMG_1241 IMG_1315


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