2013 was a pretty awesome but hectic year. I started my first job out of college. I traveled to 20+ different cities in 6 different countries. I moved to a completely new city and started building a new life with new friends. I opened myself up to be more honest with everyone, and felt grateful to receive it in return. I turned 23!~ I felt lost, confused, scared, challenged as much as ever, but through those experiences I was able to learn and grow in ways I didn’t think possible.

Despite the demanding year I’ve had, I was blessed to be able to travel almost constantly–so much that I still need time to process it all. Here’s to reflecting on 2013 travels, which I’m looking forward to posting in detail:

2013 Travels
My favorite trip of 2013 is definitely a toss-up between Hong Kong and Comelico, Italy. They’re two polar opposite places and my two experiences were as different as they were delightful. Hong Kong was the epitome of an international, metropolitan city. I spent four days brushing up on my bargaining skills at the night markets and eating delicious street food with  my crazy cousins from Korea.

Comelico was a mountain town with a small but great community. I loved that the place was so active! I was able to go ice skating on a real lake (check off the bucket list), snowboarding down the mountains with a couple feet of thick snow, and legit sledding down actual trails for half an hour. I wholeheartedly recommend these Hong Kong and Comelico for anyone’s next trip.

I’m ready to take on 2014 with more direction and optimism. Cheers!


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