Monza & Formula 1


September 11, 2011

I didn’t buy tickets for Formula 1, but I decided to try the poor man’s tailgate and head there anyway with the hopes of finding a bar where I could scream at the TV with others. I dragged my friends around the edge of the racetrack trying to find a bar, or alternatively, sneak into the racetrack by climbing the walls/fences. I was never one for following rules.

After a few failed attempts at both, we ran into a couple of scalpers and ended up getting good tickets for cheap. The race was pretty exciting since I was kind of interested in F1. The safety car even showed up in one point. Final tally: Red Bull/Vettel in first, McLaren/Button in second, and Ferrari/Alonso in third (Damn Vettel, Ferrari should’ve won).

I actually really like McLaren, and we kept running into this same group of random McLaren fans, crashing their pictures, and obnoxiously borrowing their flag for shots. They were pretty annoyed at us towards the end but you couldn’t tell by the way they’re smiling in the photos.

I think one of the coolest things about going abroad is that everyone is down to do random crazy shit and down to meet anyone and hear/learn from each others’ life stories. Even down to follow some random girl set on sneaking into the race and take pictures of every mundane thing.













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