Milan’s Fashion Night Out & Fashion Week


September 8, 2011

Fashion Night Out & Fashion Week are two separate events. Fashion Week is about 2-3 weeks after Fashion Night Out. Vogue’s FNO is basically a night of running around expensive shops getting free hors d’oeuvres and drinks while looking pretty. It’s also about finding out that there are a million Milanese girls who dress better than you do.

Milan Fashion Week is the week that all the Italian designers showcase their fall collections.

I was very lucky to have been able to participate in these events. Particularly when I had to lie my way into the Just Cavalli show.

“I’m writing a dissertation on his show. I’m currently a Ph.D. student at Bocconi University. Oh an invite? I’m so sorry, I forgot it at home.”

I’m sure they knew I was bs’ing, but they were nice enough to let my roommate Angela and I in anyway. It couldn’t have hurt their publicity either way. I absolutely loved the Fall 2011 Just Cavalli collection. It had beautiful, ornate dresses and structured simplistic tailored suits, but all of it flowed well together in a black, gold, and white color scheme. It was a good combination of high fashion runway and inspiring elements for a wearable wardrobe. My camera wasn’t quite good enough to capture all the details in the dark and red-lit room, but I tried my best.

The next day my friends and I also got into the last fashion show, which showcased three upcoming designers: Mauro Gasperi, Sergei Grinko, and Francesca Liberatore. A fancy after-party trip to Laduree was necessary, of course. (We almost got kicked out for taking pictures in there, since it’s not allowed.)









IMG_0587 - Copy

IMG_0635 - Copy





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