Como Lake


September 7, 2011

George Clooney has a house here. I think that’s the first thing said about this gorgeous lake, which is only a 1-2 hour train ride from Milan. I had to sift through an excessive amount of photos to get decent ones–I literally took pictures of everything, ground and sky included. Oh, and a lot of the sexy sailor guy who ran the tiny tourist ferry (who wasn’t actually sexy but my friend Aileen & I determined that it was only the concept of a sailor dude).

I had my first authentic Italian pizza here. For some reason, any pizzas I’ve had after that haven’t tasted as good. One thing I didn’t (and still don’t quite) understand about pizza. Italian restaurants don’t think it’s normal for you to take a to-go bag if you don’t finish your food. They also think it is strange to share your entree with someone. However, the amount of food you receive in a pizza is substantially larger than a pasta or rice dish. I guess they just have a bigger stomach for pizza? Also, besides how good it tastes, pizza (Margherita) is usually the cheapest entree on the menu, which was a big plus with my tight budget during study abroad.

And I realized why my Italians friends kept referring to this as Como Lake instead of Lake Como, “How was Como Lake, Joyce? Was it fun? You know, George Clooney has a house there.” In Italian, it’s called “Lago di Como”, or literally translated “Lake of Como”. Because they use “di”, or “of”, so often, they try to compensate by getting rid of it. For example, “Joyce’s house” is “Casa di Joyce”.

Sadly, it was too cold to swim. Next time though!














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